Every 4th year, x-mas is celebrated with my mom´s side of the family, this year we where 32 people for 2 days. Enjoying each others company, playing around, going for long walks, making great food, talking, debating, storytelling, hugging, dancing, singing, drinking, kissing, jumping, laughing, sleeping…

To see what the danish newspaper Politiken said click HERE

Strolling by the wather, From left: Marie, Signe and Marlis (Knud and Ditte in the background)

Urd and Eva

By the water; Tom and Lene

Thea reflecting on x-mas day

During Night time we had story telling from the older generation to the young generation, passing on knowledge and experience from when they where young. -the so called “old days”-  In our society tradition are quickly leaved behind in our rush for development. In the below situation Knud Rasmussen is telling about how it was to grow up on a farm in the country side. It was an experience without comparison and it made me think “what will i be telling in 60 years from now?”
Knud Rasmussen

In the end i would like to post to potrets. One of Kai Steendahl and one of Knud Rasmussen. Two men with passion for our society, Two beuatyfull men that have had a big impact on me in my life. Two human beings that i simply love.

Kai Steendahl, the most interactive reader on this blog!

Knud Rasmussen.


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