::Copenhagen By Night::::

The other night after a long day of snowy weather and smiling people, I chose to take a long walk through the city. Around One o´clock at night I came by these views of Copenhagen, more exact Nørrebro. I moved here for not long ago, back in Copenhagen from Århus. A change of city I have been waiting and longing for. My time in Århus has been irreplaceable due to the education and the extremely nice people i met. Though I do think Århus is a bit small in the long run.

Any way, here are some photos from my walk. A lot of people has asked me lately if I “photoshop” my photos before posting them on the blog. Normally I correct them a bit, Yes. And then the next question goes: don´t you then manipulate the photos? To answer this question; these photos from Copenhagen night time are 100% untouched. Then you can judge yourself rather it´s manipulative to use photoshop or not. (I have croped the photos, but not color corrected them)….








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