Trash Attack in Copenhagen just before the Cop15

A group of young environmental minded people in Copenhagen took action against dump of waste in the streets. By dressing up in pink suits and using pink dresses they ended a tree day long campaign. They carried out the message with pink light installations and pink colored trash at the event area, Christianshavns torv. I like the way of communicating a message through fun initiative and not by blaming. A bit like the mindset of the organization Viva La Renovation which is also Copenhagen based. See more about TRASH ATTACK here —> and here.

I took some photos of the event when I came by to see it. One of the brains and working forces behind this project is my good friend Kasper Thybo, check out his music production here.

trash attack demo pink dress in Copenhagen

Trash attack Copenhagen pink dress cleaning

Trash attack Copenhagen pink trash on ground cigerate


One thought on “Trash Attack in Copenhagen just before the Cop15

  1. dear Soren,
    i would like to use one of your coppenhagen photo on the cover of a hungarian magazine i design. its a small edition (500 copies) cultural magazin. please tell me if/how is it possible. i love your photos. the actual one is — cop15-demonstration-copenhagen-_5.
    all the best


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