Browsing old photos from Århus

Mand i sol ved strand udenfor Århus

When I was browsing through some of the photos on my hard drive from Århus, I came by this one. A photo that tells some of the stories for what you can see when you stroll around the outskirts of the city. I spent 3 years in Århus studying at the Kaospilot education, all those years I missed Copenhagen. Now being back in Copenhagen and finding photos like this one from the hard drive I miss the surroundings of Århus. I snapped the photo last summer when I was walking with my friend Anders Graae. Out of the blue we met this guy who was enjoying the sun and reading the paper. I took the photo back in June and used a f10.0 and a ISO 80, in order to keep the city in the background viewable. I used a 22 mm and shutter speed 1/125. I was pretty fascinated by this man, he had a good calm energy.


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