The Danish Ngo Masanga

For 5 years ago my father Peter Bo Jørgensen got an idea.. He wanted to rehabilitate a hospital in the jungle of Sierra Leone! Now 5 years later the Masanga organization has experienced a massive growth and achieved extreme results. I am now responsable for the online communication for the project and recruitment of new volunteers. I take part of the task force group who is coordinating the many different projects that takes place in Sierra Leone, Masanga. Today the official yearly gathering of the organization is happening. Peter, the chairman, is going through the results and listing the achievements at the moment. He is telling about the visit of the National Health Minister which you can read more about here. An other very great achievement is the national tv coverage in Sierra Leone which you can read about here.

Tonight there is a charity party for the organization in Copenhagen where everybody is invited to come and have fun! We open up the doors from around 22.00. Bring a friend and come and party with us! The adress is Nørrebrogade 68B where Ibis have their office.

We are celebrating that we by now have treated more than 100.000 people, have 140 employees and we have a momentum for growth!



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