Danish folk party should not have Dannebro!

Every year my family on my mothers side gathers to enjoy a picnic during the Danish “Grundlovsdag” (Constitution Day). This year I was lucky to have my camera with me and I managed to get some photos. I have uploaded some of them to a badge on flickr, but I wanted to make a blogpost about this specific photo right here. It has the Danish flag in the background and it stroke me how much I automatically associate that setting with The Danish Folk Party (DF). I agree with the politician Ikram Sarwar in his blog post about “The Day Of Constitution” Give back Denmark. (Grundlovsdag 2011, giv os Danmark tilbage) The right wing in this country has claimed the Danish flag (Dannebro) as their symbol, some could call their logo… I think its a disgrace!  Associating political agendas with the symbol of the Flag of the Nation i pissing me off. See if this has been on a company level in the private sector, we would witness a lawsuit for “stealing or claiming” something that ain’t yours to claim! Here DF and the conservatives use Dannebro to claim their nationalistic agenda… but is it in line with the Danish values? To have closed boarders and intolerance? It´s not a part of my agenda and certainly not my family either! Still this photo gives association to a political agenda which is so far from anything that is represented in this photo!
This photo represent warm hearted people with love for strangers who gives a helping hand for others in need and fights for a more equal society, both on a national level and international level!
To view more photos just klick this link: HERE

Grundlovsdag Dannebro, blue sky, Danish flag, constitutional day


6 thoughts on “Danish folk party should not have Dannebro!

    1. It could potentially be about religion as well, I didn’t include that part of it, as my first association was political, not religious. I believe The flag should represent the nation as a Nation, not political parties nor religious groups.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and points of view.


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