How to get fit and do good at the same time? 

In these days most people struggle to stay fit in one way or the other. The one and only way to keep fit or to get in shape is by doing some sort of exercise. Which one I will leave to you BUT I do have a suggestion for you 😉, just keep reading. The effort of working out could be put into good use by combining training and voluntary work/support. That is possible. I do it every month through the organisation Masanga Runners.
For many years I’ve helped the organisation Masanga in Sierra Leone. I believe I’ve written a blog post or two about that throughout time. In case you missed the announcement I can now tell you that the ebola have finally been defeated and Sierra Leone is now declared Ebola free. In order to be “Ebola free”, the country must have 42 days free of any Ebola episodes. That happened the 7th of November 2015! The Ebola killed 3905 people in Sierra Leone. The Masanga project lost brothers and many families lost members in the fight against the Ebola. The country took casualties and won in the end.
This lovely video shows the relief in the country, Bye Bye Ebola:
In a situation like the Ebola out brake I often feel powerless. I guess you have felt the same in similar situations ?
In these situations I´m thrilled to part of the Masanga Running Program. I have simply signed up as a runner and found people in my network, who would like to support my training program. In that way I keep my training and support the charity organisation at the same time.
I just log miles when running by using my Garmin 225 watch. Every Mile has a price for each supporter.
Some of my supporters pay 7 Euro cent / km. and others pay 14 Euro cent. It´s 100% up to the individual Supporter. Every Cent counts when we are talking about charity and reestablishing the country and its people.
You can choose to either run and save lives. Or support other runners and save lives. If you want to support me and my running activity, I can tell you that I run aprox 1000km/year.  I hope to get that number up… maybe your support can get me there..?
Sign up as a runner at the website; 
Today I logged 14km in total, and snapped this photo to my supporters… lots of PR´s today! haha

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