How to bring together 30+ powerful individuals? 


Spending time away from the city with wonderful people, always brings a smile to the face!
I´m part of a global entrepreneur network with over 1000 powerful individuals and a few weeks ago the Swedish hub arranged a retreat for the rest of the network to join. A “retreat” is basically a possibility to meet other young creative and brave souls from different part of the world. This time The Hub in Stockholm had arranged everything. More then 30 young creative minds flew in from all over the world.
I’ve always had a passion for meeting people and in this setting that passion flourished. We talked for hours, exchanged knowledge and knowhow about startups, life situations, ideas, thoughts or simply laughed the night through.
The retreat took part just outside of Stockholm in a very beautiful scenery. I got to arrange a small run in the snow landscape to keep up the marathon training and gather some kilometers for the Masanga Runners program. I also took the change to shoot some photos (mainly of the surroundings).

This image of two people sharing thoughts in front of the fire kind of describe this trip for me. So much passion, enormous energy and tons of stories to tell. I made a lot of new friends and reconnected with old once.
Can’t wait for the next change to reconnect with this bunch.


3 thoughts on “How to bring together 30+ powerful individuals? 

  1. nive story and pictures – I like that – as I read it- it seems that the Hub is to be for young people -which off course is fine- just wondering if something similar exist for older people like me just reach 58 but still going strong !!


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