About this blog

Basically the purpose of this blog has changed so many times that I have given up trying to explain what it’s about.

Follow the flow if you want, I will try to keep updating what I find interesting and what I work with and do. It will most likely be within photography, Marketing, entrepreneurship and the digital revolution which we are a part of… The blog posts will most likely be around the thoughts that can spin through my mind when navigating those areas.

The best part about blogging is the interaction so please don’t hold back with questions or comments.



10 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hi Søren,
    What a nice picture. Its little unexpected inputs like that, that makes this sunday seem more sunny. Im off course referring to the fishes and the quote, even though autumn atmosphere in central park NYC doesn’t look to bad either.

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  2. Hi,Søren

    I am student from singapore currently working on a project for education in africa which will be submitted for an international competition called the “Imagine Cup “. It would require me to give a short presentation on my project

    Therefore I would like to ask if it would be possible to use one of your photos on my presentational slides.

    The photo i am refering to the 3rd photo in your “Sick and smiling kids from Sierra Leone, Vest Africa” post.

    Thank you


    1. Hi there!
      Thank you for the request. Of course you can use the photo for your presentation, as long it´s a non for profit occasion. Please email me on steendahl[at]kaospilot[dot]dk if you want me to sent the original file. by the way; where can I see more about your project? any links?
      take care.


      1. Hi !

        Firstly we would like to thank you for your prompt reply and for providing us the permission to use the picture however we would like to enquire if you would still allow its use because the purpose is intented for a non profit cause but the in the event that we win the international rounds we would also receive a prize money and there is a probability that the project will be adopted for deployment by non profit or profit organizations.

        The link povided below would provide you more insight on our project, the competition details and a video presentation on our project :


  3. Hi again. I emailed you about your request. Let me know if you got it, or please contact me on the above quoted email.

    thanks a lot for the request and the good internet vibrations of asking and interacting.

    Take care and good luck with your project.


  4. Hi /Søren

    We love you photos and would like to use them for our non profit. The smiles are just so genuine 🙂
    Please let us know if that’s an issue for you.




  5. Hi Søren

    I work with the YMCA, and would like to use your photo of a smiling African child for a Christmas greeting, highlighting the superficial desires of first world kids against the needs of children from developing countries. Hope this is ok with you. Thanks, and all the best,



    1. Hi Phyllis
      Thanks for taking contact! You are more than welcome to use the photo. I took the photo in Sierra Leone at the hospital compound of the Masanga Hospital. It’s a small NGO operating in the jungle. I would appreciate if you would donate a (in your opinion) suitable amount to the organization who is helping these kids smile.
      You can read more about the org here: http://www.masanga.dk – For the donation please use these details:
      Our Bank is named “Nykredit Bank”
      Swift NYKBDKKK
      IBAN DK6281170001234567
      Reg. 5474 and account number 8068862
      All the best!


  6. Hi

    First of all, your pictures are really amazing!
    Now a few words about myself.
    My Name is Amina and I’m a student from Germany.
    I’m half german and half nigerien.
    My parents started a social project in Niger, Africa in 2005.
    My Dad is from Niger and he wanted to do something for the children there, especially for their education.
    So he started a school project that’s called
    “KARAKARA – Hilfe für Kinder in Niger.”
    (Karakara is the name of the area where the school was built – the rest means:“Help for children in Niger”)
    It’s a school project that enables the children to go to school, have 2 warm meals a day and to finance their school supply through sponsorships from Germany.
    Right now I’m doing an internship semester at a design agency an my boss offered me to do a redesign for free of the flyers and posters concerning our project, so I started this week.
    At first I changed the layout of the flyer and I needed a picture for the cover.
    I found your picture of the happy children from sierra leone and used it for the blueprint.
    I actually wanted to replace the picture with one of our own pictures from Africa afterwards, but now I think the picture is just so perfect, I won’t find a better one in my own assortment.
    So I wanted to ask you, if it was possible that I could use your picture for that new flyer.
    I can send you the actual blueprint, if you’re interested.
    Best wishes,



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